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Where the Money Comes From

Review the state's revenue summary, revenue reports, and income reports to learn where revenue is generated.

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  • Current Maryland Revenue:

    Allows citizens to view information about Maryland government revenue by category for the current fiscal year.

  • Board of Revenue Estimates:

    In December, March, and September of each year, the Board submits to the Governor a report that contains an itemized statement of the estimated Maryland revenues from all sources for the fiscal year.

  • General Fund Revenue Memos:

    General fund revenue and analysis reported monthly to the Governor, Senate President, and Speaker, Maryland House of Delegates.

  • General Revenue Reports:

    Revenue reports prepared on a yearly basis.

  • Mandated Reports and Studies:

    Mandated reports and studies as required by the Maryland General Assembly.

  • Fiscal Year End Reports:

    Close out reports produced after the conclusion of each fiscal year.  

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